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Marbel Blue is a multidisciplinary design firm, founded in 2014.


The signature of Marbel Blue was established through the experience of detailed observation of design processes involving one of the finest materials nature has to offer, namely marble. The material is timeless, elegant and worthy.


Born in Rabat, Marbel received his diploma degree in Interior Design from the University of Creation Management in Paris. After moving to Germany, he graduated as Bachelor of Arts  in Interior Architecture  at  the University of Applied Science in Düsseldorf. With over 10 years of experience in this field, Marbel has gained wide experience regarding the management project processes. This is due  to his past positions as a project manager in general contractor companies like Schwitzke and Apo Project.

His activity range extends from shop and commercial buildings over restaurant facilities to hotel planning and urban development. During his employment at Schöne Räume his project of a luxury Hotel design came 2nd in a Baden-Baden competition of  5-star hotels. During his time with Schwitzke, Marbel gained experience in the urban planning processes with  the architect Deilmann Koch in Düsseldorf, learned about the details of construction management with regard to the “Museum der Kunstsammlung”, North-Rhine-Westphalia,  and the Munich showroom of Tommy Hilfiger.


To this date, Marbel has been responsible for interior design international projects and  trademarks. In addition, he enjoyed work assignements in Italy, France, Poland, Morocco, for brands like Armani, Calvin Klein, Esprit or Wrangler. Marbel was also responsible for new brand and mall development concepts in the United Emirates and Saudi Arabia.


In summary, It should be emphasized that his areas of experience and skills cover the concept-specific development, project management and construction management. These are skills enriched with his creative mindset that can be called his own.  


In his design creativity, Marbel guarantees the implementation of planning guidelines in conjunction with a structured target orientation of architectural quality.




Marbel Blue Furniture is a line of art furniture developed by the personal desire  to create special furniture pieces which fit and phase in perfectly into residential, retail and hotel interiors.


His design has various inspirations sources, which are all related to nature. All furniture pieces have exclusive different marbles as common material as their base.


The motivation of Marbel behind the design of his creations is to generate more interest in the importance of  art furniture internationally. His ambition is to create eternal living furniture, based on one of the finest, timeless and elegant products of nature - marble.








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